Alheli Pimienta Barajas

International Soloist | Yamaha International Artist

Toronto Latin American Flute Festival Executive Director

Toronto Latin American Flute Festival Executive Director

Alheli Pimienta’s passion for flute has propelled her to extraordinary achievement as she champions the invigoration of flute music around the world through education, performance and advocacy.

Artistic Director and founder of the renowned Canadian duo Flautas del Fuego, Alheli programs concerts in countries that feature Latin American classical music and collaborates with artists of diverse styles such as Brazilian Choro, Argentinian Tango, world music and jazz. She has won several important international competitions including Gold Medal at the National Flute Competition in Mexico and First Prize at the Crescendo Music Awards.

Alheli served as Flute Professor at the prestigious National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Monterrey, Mexico, she was a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto and at the University of Idaho, and she has been acting Vice-President of the Canadian Flute Association.

Currently, Alheli is on full scholarship in the University of Toronto’s Doctorate of Musical Arts program, having previously earned a Master’s Degree in Flute Performance at the University of Idaho and an Artist Diploma in Orchestral Performance from Toronto’s Glenn Gould School, also with full scholarships and with high academic honours.

"Music is one of the most natural forms of communication, a timeless entity spanning and uniting generations of people, preserving their thoughts, hopes, dreams and emotions. Everyone has musical potential. I aim to create an environment where students feel free to explore their creativity and self-expression through music, uncovering their own musical identities and learning more about themselves and others. My main goal is to provide my students with experiences that are both positive and meaningful, teaching them to see, think and hear as musicians."