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Helen González Lorenzo

Helen González Lorenzo from November 2012 to November 2015 was the musical director of the concerts offered by the Educational Program "Conoce tu Orquesta" of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (OSPR). As part of its commitments to the orchestra, in 2015 she conducted the Puerto Rican Classical Music Concert, Añoranzas de Puerto Rico, and the Atención, Atención Sinfónico. Among other commitments with the OSPR in April 2011 conducted the opera Don Giovanni by Mozart, being the first woman to conduct an opera in Puerto Rico. Gonzalez has conducted the Ludwig Symphony Orchestra in Atlanta, Georgia, and was the music director ofthe Lyric Company of Puerto Rico for three consecutive seasons, leading in 2011 the Zarzuela Luisa Fernanda de Moreno Torroba, in 2010 the opera "Marina" by Emilio Arrietaand in 2009 the zarzuela La de Soto del Parral de Soutullo y Vert. In the same year with the Puerto Rican Foundation of Zarzuela and Operetta, she led an anthology of zarzuela with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico. With that company she also served as assistant Maestro Roselin Pabon in the zarzuela La Rosa de Azafran, by Jacinto Guerrero. In 2008 she conducted La Tabernera del Puerto, de Sorozabal for Young Artists Maecenas. It was in 2007 when makes her debut as an orchestral conductor leading the Orlando Youth Symphony Orchestra in the opera El hombre que se caso con una mujer muda, by the Italian composer Alberto Guidobaldi. The previous year she had been stage director at the world premiere of the opera in Puerto Rico.
During 2013, González founded the Chamber Orchestra of San Juan, orchestra aimed at offering children's concerts, among other shows. Since its foundation the Orchestra has actively participated in the concerts Viva la Música from the Foundation of Zarzuela and Operetta Puertorriqueña aimed at children's and families.

The preparation of González as conductor includes a Masters degree in Orchestral Conducting from Georgia State University, School of Music. She also participated in the International Conducting Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, where she took intensive courses in orchestral conducting and score analysis. González also was a student for four years of Maestro Roselin Pabon, emeritus conductor of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. In the summer of 2011 González participated in training for conductors in the Chiggiana Academy in Siena, Italy.

 During the years 2012 to 2014 González was professor at the University of Puerto Rico in the Department of Music and the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music. From 2014 to the present she has been the general director of the Corporation 100x35 Music Program of the Conservatory, Sistema de Orquestas y Coros Juveniles e Infantiles de Puerto Rico.