José Alicea, Percussion

José Alicea Espada has established himself as a soloist, pedagogue, chamber, and orchestral musician. His versatility as anartist includes: producing, directing, and performing for many artists.

He was a percussionist for the Original Casals Festival Orchestra, Caracas Philahamonic and Puerto Rico Symphony and has been also a Latin Percussionist for many artists in San Juan. As a soloist, he has performed with Ravi Shankar.

His talents include producing and directing highly successful productions with other artists that combined the art of pantomime with music. In 1986 he founded Solistas de Puerto Rico, a Chamber group that was hailed in the local press for its high artistic achievements. In 1995 he founded and directed the International Percussion Festival of Puerto Rico.

Mr. Alicea has had an extensive experience as a pedagogue, teaching percussion ensembles, as well as individual students. He has conducted percussion ensembles from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, and Sinfónica de Tambores Lp that includes the top Latin percussionists and Puerto Rico.

He received accolades from graduate schools in the United States for his excellence as an educator.
Since 1982, Mr. Alicea is on the faculty of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and visiting professor at the late Inter-American Youth Orchestras of Puerto Rico. Since 2010 he is a professor at the University Simon Bolivar, and at the World-renowned Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra.

Alicea was a member in the Percussive Arts Society Board of Directors for four years.

Former teachers include George Gaber (Indiana University) William Roberts (Indiana University), Randall Eyles (Interlochen Center for the Arts), Leigh Stevens(Malletch ) and Roger Faulmann (Illinois State University).