Tim Kadlec, Flute

Czech Republic


Tim Kadlec, born on 7 th of February 1997 in Brno, Czech republic. He has started his studies
since he was 14 years old at the Smetana’s primary music school. In 2013 has been accepted to the Conservatoire in Brno to the class of Bozena Ruzickova and in 2017 has successfully applied for an Academy of performing Arts in Prague to the class of prof. Radomir Pivoda, solo flutist of Czech philharmonic. Tim has attended to plenty of competitions: National competition of music primary schools– 1 st PRIZE, International competition Flautiada – 2 nd PRIZE and concert of winners with theorchestra, Winds Pardubice – 2 nd PRIZE, Norman Cooper chamber competition – 2 nd PRIZE, International competition in Chieri – 3 rd PRIZE. Except a solo playing I am also focusing on an ensemble and orchestra playing: Brno Youth symphony orchestr – principal flute, Moravian Woodwind quintet, Symphony orchestra of Conservatoire Brno – principal flute, Chamber Symphony orchestra Brno – founder, flute. As
a guest player I have played in a domestic orchestras as well as in international: Eurochestra in France, Czech philharmonic, Brno philharmonic, Janáček’s philharmonic. For improving myself I am attending to masterclasses: Emmanuel Pahud (principal flutist of Berlin phil), Denis Bouriakov (principal at LA phil), Robert Winn, János Bálint, Katalina Stefula Kramarics, Hansgeorg Schmeiser.
I am regularly recording for the Czech radio.
In 2013 I took part in Festival in France with BYSO and in 2015 with MWQ, in august 2016 I
have attended for the first time to the AIYF and this year I was invited as a soloist.